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The Board of Directors approved the interim report on operations as at March 31, 2022

Cembre (STAR): consolidated sales up in the first quarter (27.1%)13/05/2022

(Brescia, May 13, 2022, h 10.41 am)


  • Sales rose by 36.5% in Italy and 20.6% abroad in the first three months
  • As at April 30, 2022, consolidated revenues recorded growth of 26.3% compared to the first 4 months of 2021
  • The Board resolved the start of a share buy-back programme.

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The Shareholders’ Meeting approves the financial statements as at 12/31/2021

Cembre (STAR): a €1.20 dividend per share27/04/2022

(Brescia, 27th April, 2022 h: 11.32 am)

  • Sale (purchase) of own shares authorised
  • In the Q1 of 2022 consolidated turnover grow by 27.1%
  • Net consolidated financial position at March 31, 2022 equal to a surplus of €16.6 million

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The Board of Directors of the Brescia-based company approves the draft financial statements and the consolidated financial statements at 12/31/2021

CEMBRE (STAR): The Board proposes a €1.20 dividend per share
Consolidated turnover of €166.8 million (+21.7% over 2020, +14.0% over 2019)
Consolidated net profit of €25.3 million (+33.4% over 2020, +16.7% over 2019)

(Brescia, 14th March, 2022 h:01,01 pm)

  • Consolidated net financial position positive for €20.6 million
  • Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting called on April 27, 2022
  • The Shareholders’ Meeting will be required to resolve also on the request for authorisation to purchase and dispose of own shares

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